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  • Create Custom Book Trailers
  • Create Custom Introductions
  • Put Music To AudioBooks
  • Create Custom Videos
  • 3 Free Changes 1st. yr.
  • Provide Images, Clips, Music

  Due to the many possible variations for a project. We cannot list prices on our website. 

 Select the CONTACT tab in the main menu to send us an email. We will call you to discuss 

 your needs. All are quotes are a flat rate for your project.  

 During each stage of your project, we send you a sample to approve.  These samples will have a watermark which will be removed once your project is finalized. No project is complete until you approve the final product. Any project you do with us comes with three free modifications that are good for up to one year from the time you approve your final project. That means for one year after you approve your project. we will perform up to three modifications to your project free of charge. These changes must be for the original content of your project.


Allow me to give you an example of why that is an important benefit. You are are writing a book and want to start advertising it, you may state in the trailer "Coming January 2020." When the book is complete and published, you may want to change that to "Now Available." Why pay for another trailer. If it is within one year of the approved project, we will change it for free.  Another example might be if you want to change an image or music, we can do that for free. Now you have two different trailers for the price of one. The three free modifications will expire after one year from the date of the final approval and will not be carried over. We have a large library of ready to use music that has been completely remastered for the best sound quality, video clips, images, special effects, and more. All videos are produced in 16:9 ratio and in high definition. We can create videos to meet any social media time limitations. After your three free modifications are used up, there will be a charge for any further modifications.

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