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 Why a book trailer or introduction for speakers? 

"People are visual. Many advertise an image of  their book cover, and a viewer glances over it.

The data proves that 67%  more viewers will watch a one-minute video or introduction. It  holds their interest, and is more informational."    


 Altech Videos is a digital video production studio that is owned and operated by author Caesar Rondina. The owner started this company after spending a great deal of money for short book trailers. He knew that video trailers and book anaimations for books are exciting and more informational for potential readers to view, versus a book cover image. All advertising studies show that people watch videos. He soon realized that more than one trailer would be required for each book to offer versatility in advertising. This became very expensive. The author is a certified video and audio engineer through the National Association of Telecommunications Engineers. After weighing the cost of the required software and some additional equipment needed, he knew that in time, it would be cheaper to produce his own projects. As a public speaker, he started to use short videos as introductions when he spoke. He found these extremely effective since they set the stage for the audience in preparation for his presentation. He started producing these products for his author and speaker friends at no charge to help establish the studio brand. 


Although money is important for any business to thrive, knowing what he spent in the past, he wanted to offer these services to others at a reasonable price that was far less then what he had paid. Thus, Altech Videos was born. It did not take long before the company started to receive more work then he alone could handle. A friend and part-time engineer came on board to assist with the workload. Here we are today. Along with book trailers and introductions for speakers, Altech Videos can add music to any project. An audiobook is one example. We have hundreds of music tracks, images, video clips, and special effects, to fit any project. At Altech Videos, we use the state of the art video editing and music editing software. We have a full audio mastering studio to enhance and digitally remaster any music you send to us to place in your video or audiobook. If you produce your own audiobook, we can also provide background music to your narration, and produce a audiobook video trailer for you to advertising your audiobook. You can supply your own music, images, or videos. However, you must own the content, or have written permission from the owner to use on the specific platform you are advertising. 


During the project, we send you samples to approve.  No project is complete until you approve the final product. Any project you do with us comes with three free modifications that are good for up to one year from the time you approve your final project and it is delivered to you. That means for one year after you approve your project. we will perform up to three modifications to your project content free of charge. All submissions to you for approval contain a watermark that is removed when the final project is approved and sent to you. We have a large library of ready to use music that has been completely remastered for the best sound quality, video clips, images, special effects, and more. All videos are produced in high definition .mp4, 16:9 format ratio and meet all social media platforms standards. We can create videos to meet any social media time limitations. After your three free modifications are used up, there will be a charge for any further modifications. There is more on this on our services page.


​Pricing varies depending on what type of project you are requesting. There are no long forms to fill out. This decreases the chance of our staff not understanding exactly what you want for your project. You will speak to the person who is creating your project and together, will bring your project to life. Once that initial contact is complete, you will receive an email describing your project as discussed in a contract. All you need to do is sign the contract  and submit it. Once we receive it, we will start your project. Your quote is your total cost. There are no additional or hidden fees that come up later. The price we quote you includes designing, creating, editing, and finalizing your project for you to approve. We will send you three samples throughout the project for your approval. We want to be sure we are meeting your expectations before the final project is sent to you for your final approval. Once you approve your final project, any further changes are deducted from the three free modifications we offer you within a one year period from the date you approved your final product. We suggest before you approve the finished project, be sure it is exactly what you want. Remember, once you approve the final project and use up the three free changes you have requested, there will be an additional charge for any additional work requested.

The goal of our staff is to provide you with exactly what you need. Your can contact us by selecting the CONTACT tab in the main menu. Once the final project is delivered to you, you own it. You can use it on any platform of your choosing. YouTube, Social Media sites, and press releases. All transactions are done via a contract agreement which will describe in detail the services you are requesting. We cannot start any project until the contract is signed. Once we receive your contract, your project is started within 48 hours. The first sample is typically delivered within 48 to 72 hours. The total length of time for your project is dependent on the number of changes you request throughout the process, and the length of your project. You can see some samples of projects by selecting VIDEOS  from the main menu.

Please feel free to contact use with any questions. Enjoy viewing a variety of different projects we have created. Thank you. - Altech Videos Staff        

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